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October 26, 2014

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Yes, Social Security may not be there when you retire. Prepare now. With the rate that jobs are disappearing in America by being sent overseas to workers working for a bowl of rice, you cannot count on a job to support yourself either. Social Security in the real world transforms to the phrase : “SECURITY IS BETWEEN YOUR EARS”. If you are fortunate enough to have a 401K, maneuver the funds to invest in the Stock Market. If not start saving your pennies and open up a trading account on the internet. Most on line Brokers will open a trading account with as little as $ 500.00. You won’t need thousands of dollars to invest in the Stock Market at the beginning. We can show you how to buy thousands of shares of stocks for pennies in our seminar GENESIS.

Since the majority of awakened Americans agree that the Good Old Days in America for the average Joe is gone and may never return, our purpose for this Blog is only to enlighten the average Joe and help them stand on their own two feet, bowing and begging to no one. True, our Seminar will cost you $ 89.00 from PayPal or eBay, but years ago the cost was $ 2000 per seat for a live presentation in an auditorium.

Whether you Day Trade using a commercial computer program or venture into the Stock Market on your own, you will need to educate yourself to the real truth of trading stocks on Wall Street and our Seminar GENESIS, Principles of Technical Analysis and Chart Reading in Trading Stocks will open your eyes to secrets the insiders do not want you to know.

Keep in mind that we are not a Johnny Come Lately. We have been in the business of Stock Market Analysis for over 30 years.

” Principles of Technical Analysis and Chart Reading in Trading Stocks”, ISBN 09622444-1-4 now available at PayPal or eBay on CD ROM. Seminar created and produced by a Registered Investment Adviser with over 30 years of Wall Street trading experience. Visit us on Twitter at: 

For more information open this link:

The Seminar makes a great CHRISTMAS GIFT.


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