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October 17, 2014

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October 15, 2014

From WallstreetWise:

The Dow Jones Skid today is nothing more than a engineered SHAKEOUT by the conglomerate Institutions to trigger stop loss orders so they can buy more stocks for their portfolio at a cheaper price. They will then go back to the buy side and cover their short sales and bid the stocks on up to the  Dow 18000 before they take their profits in earnest and then you will see the Dow Jones slide into the 15000s. This is nothing more than the same cycle returning again and again for the benefits and profits that only the insiders have the knowledge and power to initiate.

You can join them but first you will have to know what they know and now you can by visiting and

Seminar created and produced by a Registered Investment Adviser with over 30 years of Wall Street trading experience.

Also Visit us on Twitter:

October 17, 2014

Exactly as we told you on the 15th of October, the Stock Market Rebounded to today’s gains. How did we know? Simple, we wrote and produced GENESIS, the Virtual Seminar titled: Principles of Technical Analysis and Chart Reading in Trading Stocks”.

This Seminar also uncovers the SECRETS used by the institutions and the few individual insiders who make billions of dollars in the Stock Market daily. Get your copy now at AMAZON.COM.


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